Beautiful Kitchen By TuxLux

It doesn’t matter what type of home we are living in, whether it is small or big, we all will agree that no home is complete without kitchen. It is the place where your day starts and ends, we don’t need a reason to enter into the kitchen. It is considered as the heart of every home and people invest a lot in kitchen upgrades as it is the most important part of the house when it comes to the resale of the home. Having a modern and functional kitchen is a true blessing. Modern kitchen turns meal preparation into a pleasurable and fun activity where families can sit and spend quality time together. In modern homes kitchen serve multiple purposes like comfortable seating, cabinets, work units etc.

Regular kitchen renovations Frankston helps keep the home on standards and modern. TuxLux is one of the leading kitchen renovation companies on the Mornington Peninsula, it is highly professional and reputed in the painting industry, specializes in high quality 2 pack finishes which are the best in the cabinet industry and ensures that orders are fulfilled on time and at affordable prices. We have a highly skilled and friendly team who is always working to meet the needs of all the customers so that they are happy and satisfied with our products. TuxLux offers variety of products that can transform your kitchen, our 2 pack kitchens are considered as the highest quality paint finish in the cabinetry industry. We have several finishes like matte, textures, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss.

Bathroom renovations Frankston are very important as it reduces energy costs, provides sustainability; as your kitchen will be eco-friendlier and also increases comfort and safety. Renovations ultimately give a completely new layout to any old house or a room.

Cabinet doors are the real face of our cabinets. We can modernize our kitchen cabinets by buying new, just changing a few doors or completely refacing the old doors. We have variety of cabinet doors and drawer fronts that will give unique look to your kitchen, our cabinet doors are less expensive than others and also match many kitchen styles. We also have glass paneled cabinet option, which you can style according to your kitchen.

Benchtops are a luxury addition to the kitchen, it is basically a horizontal work surface for food preparation, also known as countertops, we offer timbre, stone and laminated benchtops, we have different colors and textures to suit your taste, and it adds style to the kitchen. We also deal in splashbacks which enhance and creatively design the kitchen interior from variety of materials like plain, metallic and gloss finishes. It takes less than a day to install benchtops and splashbacks.

TuxLux can create your dream kitchen on time and on budget. Our team is working day and night to create unique and quality products so that you can make an ideal kitchen for your home.