The Use Of Hydraulic Machinery And Grapples In Forestry Industry

Hydraulic machinery is commonly used in cranes that are fundamental in any construction site. The use of this machinery in cranes is to lift the heavy materials like bricks, garbage, large woods of trees etc. In forestry applications, special log grapples are used in excavators and cranes with the same purpose as used in the construction industry. These hydraulic grapple for sale have such a structure in which a central frame is connected with two or more hooks or tines. These tines are moveable which is controlled by hydraulic cylinders. The whole machinery is connected with the crane where the facility of hydraulic circuits is already present. The hydraulic circuits set the movements and controls by different installations. These cranes can be wheeled or tracked. The grapples are attached on fixed cranes, railroad machinery, agricultural machinery, skid loaders, truck cranes and many other types of cranes. Following are some features of cranes according to hydraulic grapples

Helpful features to know

Hydraulic grapples provide the facility of better handlings of randomly shaped material which are difficult to carry. It provides the extra strength to the cranes due to hydraulic pressure. The specially designed structures are fully developed for security while using in engineering fields. The best feature is that the tines are replaceable which save the cost and time. These grapples are specially designed for fast and efficient performance in heavy-load works. It can easily be connected with existing hydraulic piping and connections. Its strength is three-time more than mild steel which makes it more robust and durable. Due to high quality, it has a long life and fewer chances of any kind of damage and loss. It can be fitted on all kind of excavators that’s why it is more reliable and cost-effective. It included welding options for tines to make the replacements and adjustments easily possible. It also increases bush life to reduce cost and efforts. If you are interested about fixed multi grapple you can visit this site

Special need and types of hydraulic grapples

Agriculture and Forestry

The most needed task of grapples is the lifting of heavy materials in agriculture and forestry. These grapples are attached with mostly the truck cranes to lift the heavy woods and other agricultural products and place them on transport trucks. The lifting required too much engine strength but due to hydraulic pressure, the task becomes easier. Hydraulic pumps are used in grapples and trucks to lift the weights by small efforts. It is a great technique which is also used in many mechanical works. Over time, the advancement in grapples is continuously helping mankind to deal with great challenges.


The grapples are of following different types according to different shapes and purposes.

  • Log grapples
  • Clamshell buckets
  • Demolition grapples
  • Kerbstone grabs
  • Polyp grapples
  • Sorting grapples