The Perfect Teenage Bedroom


When it comes to teenage girls, their bedroom is literally their favorite place on earth. The love their alone times, they love to hang out with their friends, it is basically the home to all the things they cherish and love. So how do you create this perfect bedroom for your teenage daughters?

The bed is the focal point of their room. So it is important for it to be both sturdy and stylish. You can get good quality bed and mattress sale and add a bit of style to make it the most chic looking bed. A double bed is perfect for a teenager. When it is paired up with good linen it definitely will ensure your teenager gets good sleep. When you throw in large fluffy cushions it will easily transform the bed to a cozy area. You can complement it with a very comfortable throw and the bed is sorted. You also have to make good decisions when it comes to the wardrobe because it definitely is their favorite part of the room. Because it needs to carry everything from long dresses to shorts. It is necessary for it to have compartments for accessories and shoes.

Floor length mirrors are a must, it will also make the room look bigger. Teenagers love dressing up and practicing dances with their mates so a mirror is a very important part of their room.If you are looking into decorative items, you can start from the bed. You can buy a queen bed base for sale do a DIY bed head with a picture gallery of your teenagers favorite little things. Another area where you can get creative is by setting up an area where they can organize and also wear their make-up at.

When it comes to teenagers they love their dressing up. So a dressing table is mandatory. It should be something that can store their gadgets such as hair dryers and straighteners. It should also store their make-up that compromises of lipsticks, eyeshadows and various nail polishes. When you add a large mirror and pair it with some soft lighting you teenager will be the happiest. A desk to do their homework comes in very handy. It should be a place where they can study comfortably and also store their books and stationeries. Lastly girls love to cherish their memories. You can have DIY photo collages on their bed head, have picture boards on their walls and even frame photos. All these along with fairy light will bring a lot of character to a teenager’s room.