Steps To Select A Theme For Your Wedding

Most modern weddings are done as per a selected theme. A theme is often a certain colour palette, a specific thing such as butterflies, stars or angels, or will go for a broader concept such as a sea theme, jungle theme etc. A theme will make the entire event look interesting and fun. However, picking one particular theme that you both enjoy can be hard and hence you need to consider a few factors. Here are some questions you can answer to make your decision easier.

  • When will the wedding take place?
    The season can somewhat be considered here. For example, if you are having a summer wedding, you can go for bright colours such as blue, yellow or red. A lively theme such as the sea is also great. You can consider the idea of having a beach wedding where everyone can relax and have fun. You can’t really have a snowflake themed wedding in summer, unless you have heaps
  • wedding-catering of money to create the entire ambiance of winter inside the reception hall.
  • Where will it be held?
    If it is a more formal setting such as a reception hall, you can go for elegant flower themes. A more relaxed atmosphere such as on a beach will of course call for a sea themed wedding. If you are marrying in a garden in the morning, go for pastel coloured flowers with fairies, butterflies etc. Always match your surrounding with the theme so that your wedding does not look rather odd and out of place. If you hang pinecones and snowflakes around a flower filled garden in spring and asking your gourmet catering Sydney to put up hot beverages just like in winters, it wouldn’t look that appealing.
  • Communicate with other parties
    Not just your décor but your food, clothes etc. too affect the theme. All will be decided as per the theme; the wedding dress for a beach wedding should be a light and flowing chiffon or silk while for a glam wedding you can wear a dress with big puff princess –like skirt. Talk to your wedding catering Sydney and get their ideas on the menu. For example, you can go all seafood for a beach wedding. So always keep these other parties informed of the theme.
  • Build a moodboard
    Picking themes can be stressful when you have so many ideas in your head. To simplify the process, put those ideas down. Look at various pictures online that catch your eye, print them out and pin them all on the board. When you gaze at it for some time and try to make connections, you’ll know exactly what you want.